The Rabbet-Plane, is used to make a kind of Gutter or Rabbet, as it is called by Workmen, on the Edge of a Board, in order for a Door or Window to shut close into, as also for Fillets in Mouldings, etc.
– Richard Neve, Builder’s Dictionary, 3rd edition, 1736


  • Bedded square at 50 or 55
  • Tapered iron
  • Conical escapement

A wider rabbet plane, like 7/8” or 1”, will be used to create the rabbets that will ultimately be used as a fence and guide for the other planes to follow. A smaller rabbet, like 5/8”, can be used to remove much of the waste on a 90 degree corner before being touched by a hollow. This will reduce the amount of honing necessary for the more complex shapes.

Rabbet planes can also be used diagonally on their corners as a capable option for those without a pair of snipes bill planes. If you choose this option, it is highly recommend that you also choose to have a corner boxed to reduce the significant amount of wear that will result. Boxing is done in persimmon. Though the plane will ride the gauge line to some extent, using your fingers as a fence will be necessary. This is an easy and highly accurate skill that can acquired in short order with little practice.



Rabbet Plane

<- $225 Regular

$255 Boxed ->


Standard Sizes 5/8″, 3/4″, 7/8″, and 1″







Skewed Rabbet Plane



Standard sizes: 1″ and 1 1/2″





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