Planes are generally made to order. However, on occasion I will make an extra few planes or pairs due to popularity and/or work flow. I may have planes available for immediate sale and delivery. All planes that are immediately available are listed below.

Please contact me regarding any plane you do not see listed below. I will be happy to make it.

Please know that I do not sharpen the planes until they have officially been sold. This ensures that the plane’s iron exactly matches the sole on the day that it is sent. As a result, a plane that is available for immediate delivery will still take a day or two to leave the shop.

To order a plane off of this page or for answers to any other questions please follow the link or send an email to Payments are best done through PayPal. Shipping will be calculated at checkout.

Note: The images below are stock images and are not necessarily the exact plane(s) you will be receiving

Moulding Radius Gauge Set: $49 + Shipping

Mouldings in Practice: $51 + Shipping

Note: the plane(s) you receive may not be the exact one pictured. CT residents will also be charged sales tax.

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