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Moulding Radius Gauge


If you don’t know what the radius of an arc is, then you don’t know which plane to use.

Finding the arc of moulding profiles can be difficult. Sometimes the cross section of the profile cannnot be accessed because it’s on the back of a piece. Some times it’s simply not available (e. g. Picture frames, architectural profiles, etc.).

In the past, I offered plane cut-offs as a solution to this problem. These worked great if we crossed paths and you wanted to dig through my bucket of profiles. This was time consuming and limited their availability. Plus, they were irregular sizes, wide, and covered with sharpie or hammer marks. These gauges weren’t something I could offer on my website, despite being a perfect solution to a problem we each face.

I am now offering these Moulding Gauge Sets. You can pre-order them now. They will ship in early July.

This set of gauges is equivalent to my standard half set of hollows and rounds. They are equally comprehensive to my half set of hollows and rounds, which means they’ll (likely) get you what you need.



Moulding profiles are infinite. The arcs that comprise them are limited.

These gauges measure the radius of 9 common arcs. Use these to measure existing profiles upon furniture, frames, houses, your own planes, etc., even when a cross section of a moulding isn’t available.

All moulding profiles are series of concavities, convexities, and flats. These gauges will tell you what planes you have and which planes to use.


-18 gauges consisting of 9 pairs that range in radius from 1/8” up to 1 ½” (equivalent to a half set of hollows/rounds 2-18, even).

-Made from durable Bamboo ply that will not scar antique furniture that they are caringly placed upon.

-Will likely start a conversation with curious owners of antique furniture. These gauges, coupled with your explanation of how mouldings are made with hollows and rounds, may sufficiently divert their scorn and allow you to get the necessary dimensions.

-Includes two complimentary 2” binder rings. (Don’t call me if a ring breaks.)

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in


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